Menswear blogger: Matthew Wong

timthumb No introduction really needed here. Just google “How to wear Jordan’s” and Matt will pop up. For me simplicity is always key, its a must. This guy speaks of style and this shows through his effortless style. This weekend Matthew came to New York, we hung out and spoke thoroughly about #Menswear, how it is viewed amongst the masses, and how we still view it. Here is his formal introduction: Who My name is Matthew; I’m the editor of , a fashion and personal style blog. Where Toronto, Canada is where I call home. Why blogging I really don’t have a long or epic back story on why I chose to start blogging. A friend of mine advised me to start a fashion blog, and the next thing you know, we were researching domain names and brainstorming ideas and concepts. Simply put, blogging just fell into my lap, and I’m very glad it did. With that said, I think fashion and blogging go hand in hand. There is no real “right” or “wrong” answers in fashion. It’s whatever you’re drawn to. Everyone has different opinions on fashion and blogging provides a great canvas to share those opinions with whoever is interested in your point of view. Who inspires your fashion choices? This is a tough question for me. I always ask this question when I interview fellow bloggers, but when I get asked, it’s actually kind of tough to come up with a decent answer. I don’t think I’m able to single out a single individual on inspiring my fashion choices . Since my fashion choices change, so do my inspirations. These days,I literally get inspired by anything; it could be something I see on the streets, to a song that’s stuck in my head, to how I’m feeling on a particular day. Your readers seem to be menswear fanatics who have a clean look, wear well fitted tailored clothing, but also knowledgeable about street style/brands. And that seems like your steez as well. How do you put the two together to make it so balanced? I make it look balanced? Thanks for the compliment Jamal. Haha. I don’t really have an answer for you; it’s just the evolution of my personal style. I really enjoy the finer details of tailored menswear clothing, but also the bold and raw aesthetic of street wear as well. Menswear doesn’t have to be about stereotypical style silhouettes. That’s why I think it’s perfectly fine to wear tailored clothing and street wear together. Describe your perfect wardrobe closet? My perfect wardrobe would be a big mix of different clothes and shoes in colors, textures, and prices; Anything from tailored sports coats to retro Jordan’s, and everything else in-between. Thanks Matt. For more travel + style reads visit