Some of you guys have been asking about some of my grooming essentials. If you look inside my draw right now you’d probably see a ton of tangled wires full of shavers and trimmers.
I could easily trade in all my shaver/trimmers for this one though. Yes, even my classic horn shaving set from Art of Shaving.
The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro, is probably the most convenient shaver. This delivers a clean cut for me with out the hassle of switching from shaver and trimmer. It offers both just from flipping it over.
Ive been using the Braun series before this which was way more expensive and delivered a shabby cut compared to this one, it was mostly hype because it cleans the razors for you.

This Philips is also water resistant and charges pretty fast.

At the end of the day it only takes about 5 minutes off of my normal shaving routine (compared to manual shaving) but hey, every second counts.