Earth to: Brian Wood FW 2013


On Wednesday around 6 I headed to the Brian Wood installation. This was actually my first encounter with the brand, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I enjoy seeing a designers collection for the first time. Its like a surprise, you don’t know what to expect! The aesthetic, and just the feel of the collection.

It was mere 2 minutes after I walked in and looked at the collection, I was impressed. There was a futuristic sense with metallics, and hand dyed cosmic prints.

The looks were very casual and chill. Yeah, real chill, the striped French terry sweatpants looked comfy enough to sleep in (and was also my favorite look). It was kind of refreshing to see how B. Woods focal points were the small details (see baseball collar and pants with similar stripe).

B.Woods designs are made right here in NYC, check out more at