Spread love, its the DUMBO way!

Whats great about New York is that there are really endless possibilities when it comes to having fun, relaxation, and getting crazy. Hell, get loud and just run up and down Times Square if you want to. You may look like Sonic or some shit but hey, no one really cares believe me its normal here.


But Brooklyn, Brooklyn is different. Its like a small cozy community of families, yuppies, students, and people that actually decorate their homes during the holiday season .
DUMBO, Brooklyn has its fair share of grand hi-rises and opulent eats (which is what every great neighborhood offers) but the beauty here is the everyday interactions, which Ive only captured a small portion of on a sunny Sunday. People are on the corner talking just hanging out, not rushing to go to any particular place, no noisy taxi horns, and half the tourists.

Before the long walk I knew I had ahead of me I went to grab a bite to eat at Panera Bread. The Mediterranean sandwich is the equivalence to putting that new shirt back on from dry cleaning, refreshing as hell!!! I highly recommend this the next time you go there. Enjoy! Have you guys ever been to DUMBO? Whats your favorite to do there? Let me know