What the Duck..




I did actually think about the fact that I may look like a duck, or possibly big bird when getting dressed. Either way I really enjoy combining winter clothing with more spring colors and vice versa. However, the weather still has not persuaded me to convert to tees and cardigans just yet. When this pre-spring type of weather comes around I like to play on color and wear spring colors and winter gear. Its like saying I am ready for spring, but I am aware that the weather is still in its bi-polar state. Photography: Lordale Benosa Instagram: @lordale    

  • Love that jacket. I definitely need to find on in a Cobalt blue color. But as usual great post.

    • Thank you! I never saw your blog. Follow me on tumblr i made a new one. Stylesocietyguy .. I saw your blog and was like 😮

  • Great look, love the navy chucks!

    • Thank you! Can you believe i just purchased a pair 6 months ago. Every one should have at least 1 pair of converse

      • Yes, I agree everyone needs a pair of chucks in their life : ) Welcome to the team!