Making your style YOUR own.

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Was I guilty of buying ripped jeans with bleach stains at one point for some ungodly price? Maybe…

Since middle school Ive developed a wealth of knowledge about clothing, menswear & some design (yes, I did put menswear in its own category). Now that I know what I know one thing sticks in my mind when purchasing a piece which is of course, wearability, but

“can I add something to this to make it fit my style. Furthermore, can I just customize the item myself?”

If so, whats the point of paying hundreds of dollars more? Unless you want to ball out.

I know im not the only who purchased ripped jeans at one point, I know if I would have sliced old jeans myself it would have been less expensive, maybe even better looking. My point is, as we get older we realize

“ripped jeans for hundreds of bucks, Am I able to do the same thing? And anything else that I buy”

I purchased this jacket 3 years ago and switch it up all the time so it looks fresh and brand new”

-Leather jacket with a jean vest over it.
-The button pin I made using a large safety pin from a random flea market in Brooklyn and the buttons were from Joann Fabrics
-“STYLE TO THE PEOPLE” pins sent from Style Caster
-Jet pin from GOODWILL
-Grey tee from Gilded Age
-Pants from Banana Republic just rolled them up for a more casual approach
-Free shades from a Rent the Runway Also seen here
-And for comfort, sneakers by Dr. Scholl’s Shoes

I usually don’t breakdown my looks but just wanted to show you guys personalization makes YOUR style, you.

What are some quick customizations you make to your clothing to create a fresh look?

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