1 Color To Build Your Wardrobe

9a0f6dbee310fe42c415ca98796b6d49_bestGrey or Gray..However you want to spell it. If you asked me what my favorite color was, gray would be last. The color gray is usually associated with boring words like bland, dry, stale, dull, uninteresting, pale, colorless, sickly, drained, deathly. You get the point. But it’s not so much of a bad color when pairing it together with a full look. I have a bad habit of keeping track of what basics I want to buy, and essentials I need. I basically just buy what I like after  I check out the specs.  But one thing I notice is that when I start a look, I start with gray. In fact, I always steer toward gray. Gray is a color between black and white; in the middle. Yes, it allows for tons of color options to combine. Bottom line: Why should you wear gray?

  • You can wear it with any color. Name a color that looks horrible with gray? …………………Still waiting………………………..NONE!
  • You can wear it with any print or pattern. Name a print or pattern that looks horrible with gray?
  • You can wear it all year around. White is usually associated with summer. Black is usually associated with winter. Gray is in between.

When you start your fall shopping this weekend, start with gray and buy pieces that are well made. Than ease color into it, you will be surprised how many ways to wear one look using gray. Maybe I will create a post soon with looks on how I style gray.