Summer to Fall Transition


Some say its easy to transition into fall, they say they are tired of summer, the heat, and the subways that feel like hell. I agree, I hate those days when the morning air is chilly which requires more than a tee but scorching hot by 1pm and than cold again by 7pm. This bring us to my look here: Color is still important when transitioning, thats why I wore this burnt orange blazer. Its unconstructed so its not as stuffy. I kept it summery with a floral polo and navy chinos. Im also rocking this colorful watch c/o, but built by me! No really, whats cool about this watch is that I customized it myself. You can customize each part of the watch:

  • Strap
  • Case
  • Face, even bezel.

I also chose a blue and green color scheme which I first presented on my Instagram. As you can tell, I was pretty excited to receive it. Ive also been carrying this market bag c/o lately. Mostly because of Fashion Week and its easy to fit everything in it. Change of clothes, stuff I picked up a long the way, my camera. The list goes on and on. I think the shoes separate my chinos; a two tone laceless oxford is what I chose. Honestly because they were in the front of my shoe choices, and I was running late so it was easier to slip on.  

How do you guys transition into fall? Do you just start wearing all dark colors? Or mix it up with summer and fall pieces?