Amongst my other thrift store finds, I was really pleased to find the red football jersey at a local thrift store (and it was only 4 bucks). It seems to be a high school jersey because it was pretty small. I first put it on thinking i can’t really wear this, I would look like an idiot hahaha. Thats where the the power of layering comes into play. I wanted to wear this jersey without it looking so sporty so I paired it with a crew neck sweat shirt and rolled up the sleeves a little. It looked kind of cool so I went with it. I decided to throw on this black leather jacket, which is more structured and stiff than my other which gives the bulkier look. I paired it with slim cargos and threw on my  coffee bean”Opus” boots again ℅ Dr. Scholl’s Shoes.

I brought along my pebbled leather backpack along ℅ Coach. As you can see, it didn’t clash with my leather jacket at all. Compliments it pretty well. And always by my side, my Word notebook to jot down my quick thoughts.

I never intended black and red as my color scheme for today, but hey! It works.