On A Rainy Day





The only thing I hate more about a rainy day is not being prepared for a rainy day. Thats why I was all set today when I had this already pre-planned outfit for work. Most importantly it was rain proof! From top to bottom.

  • I made sure to wear a nylon jacket equipped with a hood
  • My favorite Kennington shirt from their 1962 collection. The Paisley Dark Blue button up. It’s short sleeve but it fits perfect with a blazer over it, giving you a little more air to breathe in the foggy weather.
  • Which brings me to this burnt orange blazer. But listen, a rainy day doesn’t mean you have to wear the darkest colors and go hide. The suns coming out soon so don’t have to ignore dark colors on days like this. Change someones mood!
  • Since I have my umbrella, a change of shoes, laptop etc I decided to bring my East Dane/Apolis market bag. What I like is that you can use this guy for anything, groceries, weekend bag..anything!
  • My Richer Poorer socks have nothing to do with my color scheme but a good contrast from the chocolate brown Tretorn rain boots.
  • And last..the perfect rain boot for work and after work. It easily disguises as a casual sneaker but is fully rain proof! This is good for the commuter.

All other details at the end of my post! Enjoy those rainy days. This time be prepared. Look at this beauty (Kennington shirt)

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