Wearing Brights In The Middle Of Winter

DSC_0626 Hey, guess what?! Can you believe January is over with. The first month of 2014 is OVER. Sheesh. Anyway.. My looks have been really dark for the past 2 weeks, right? A little strange for me. Maybe its the New York winter syndrome. To be honest I have never been a fan of all black, but with the intentions of a neat, clean look I think it works and its classic. Today Im wearing a beaming bright yellow jacket I purchased two years ago. I call it my 3D jacket, the pockets billow up in the front. I paired it with this contrasting knit and aztec scarf. The contrasting knit calms the rest of my outfit down, but not too much. For iPad storage and some important documents I chose my Phillip Lim x Target organizer (its allows for more space than you think. I decided to switch up the blues and throw on some dodger blue chinos. And to bring this look to full circle and compliment my jacket (which probably doesn’t need anymore attention) I wore on of my favorite sneakers, lemon newbies (New Balances 574). Here are 3 reasons why we tend stir away from color when it gets cold.

  • One main reason we do it, TRADITION.

Its normal that we wear dark colors because everyone else does, we saw it growing up, the media puts it into our heads, Darks are pretty much the only thing on the market to buy (so less options for color)

  • Wrong color/Wrong Season

We were also taught …c/o the media that dark colors are for Fall/Winter and brights are for Spring/Summer.

  • Dark colors absorb heat

Dark colors absorb heat because they absorb more light. Makes sense. If you need a extra boost to pop some color into your look start off small with little details. Pocket squares, a colorful watch, an aqua blue sweater under some dark colored outerwear. Slowly wear these colors and your choices will get bolder and bolder over time. Which brings me to my next post I’m creating. The beauty of little details. Stay tuned! What I’m wearing/or similar: 1.Yellow Jacket 2.Blue and Grey Sweater 3.Phillip Lim x Target travel organizer 4.Blue Chinos 5.Scarf 6.New Balance 574 Photos by Faustina of SoFausti.com

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