Yon-Ka Paris For Men Skin Care

c882501b5a84f5f5c65ceadf1f535429d11c8556_320Fellas we realize as we get older that we can’t buy the same products for our skin as we did when we were 17. One, we didn’t know what we know about skincare now. Two, we learned how harmful that ‘5 in 1 body wash’, conditioner, face cleanser, and shampoo can be. Now that we know better we go for products like Yon-Ka.

Yon-ka Paris
Around since the 50’s this company prides itself on using 5 essentials oils that we all need. Their Quintessence formula uses natural, concentrated ingredients. Apparently I’ve been missing out because Yon-Ka claims to revive the skin with these oils and 95% natural ingredients. Lets get right into it!

Scrub Mousse
2 to 3 times a week

1. Bamboo silica
2. Jojoba beads
3. Copper
2. Iris
3. Quintessence Yon-Ka (essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme)


Basically what it says it will do:
1. Eliminate dead cells
2. Help with complexion
3. Reduces dilated pores

1. Im not able to say wether it eliminate dead cells but it left my face less oily.
2. How I tested it was pretty weird, I applied it to one side on my face and compared it to the other side after 2 of weeks. It definitely helped with my completion, making it a little more even and smooth.
3. In addition to smoothness it reduced my pores enough that I could see a difference.


The morning after cleansing and shaving.

With a blend of good stuff, the active ingredients are:
1. Virgin baobab oil, essential oil of grapefruit, mooring
2. Phytostimulines from beech buds, imperata cylindric
3. Quintessence Yon-Ka (essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme)

Let me first say that I did not see the benefits of using Anti-age ANYTHING in my 20’s haha! I mean sheesh, you would think it would be a little too early for that. But the benefits of this shows in the long-run. Do your research on the advantage of using Anti-aging cream at younger age. Another way is to try and eat clean, and drink plenty of water.

Not sure if you all can relate but when you’re stressed you can literally feel it in your face. Well Yon-Ka Anti-age also provides hydration to the skin leaving your face feeling refreshed. Not sure what ingredient gives it that “cooling effect” but it feels great!

The point is:
I use Cetaphil, which is completely harmless and does what it says its going to do “removes oil and control shine. So I didn’t want to try anything else and risk a harsh outcome. After giving Yon-Ka a try I noticed that none of the chemicals were harsh and they stick to their Quintessence formula which consists of essential oils needed. Should you try it out? YES! Even if you could sample it first. Try it and see how your skin reacts. I would advise not to use this product everyday, a little goes a long way with it. Here’s to fresh skin!

Ill be sharing more info on the EOS shave cream later, its worth every penny!

What do you all use on your skin? Any regimens? Share below


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