Let It Snow!




In the depth of winter. A lot more fun when we were younger right? Welp, unfortunately our schedule doesn’t run on the public or private school system anymore, so its every 9 to 5 for them self. I took full advantage of this snow day and decided to show you guys what I wore.
As much as I would like to hibernate, work and other responsibilities drags us out of the house no matter how much snow is snow the ground.
For no reason at all I was dressed to the 9’s on this snow day. Equipped with a plaid wool jacket and a sick cutaway collar, I was ready. I wore a heat tech shirt and heat tech thermals from Uniqlo, seriously a life saver. I decided to take bring a long my work bag that can take a harsh hitting from the snow storm (Coach Utility Commuter)
What I learned from this Winter. Heat Tech clothing from Uniqlo are a God send!

1. Shirt
2. Coat
3. Pants
4. Shoes
5. Gloves
6. Bag, c/o Coach

Photos by Faustina of SoFausti.com

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