The King Of Shaves Experience – Review


The world’s first and only razor with a cartridge that creates its own lubrication! Delivering a glide so amazing you can simply ‘just add water’, wet out your stubble, shave – and go! -King Of Shaves


A new and exciting product has just released from King Of Shaves.”Hyperglide” is the name of the razor and it launched just last month. Hyperglide promises that with advanced technology equipped in this thing you can just add water and start shaving. Now before we officially get into the review I think it would be beneficial to provide you with some..

King Of Shaves Vocabulary:
Hyperglide – razor
Superhydrophilic – advanced technology to create hydrogel on entire shaving surface
Hydrogel – created so you can just add water
Revolubetion – smart cartridge technology that gives extra lubrication while shaving, which essentially allows for a closer shave.

Features of Hyperglide:

  • Much lighter than other razors I’ve used
  • You can literally add water and shave
  • Easily glides with rubber head
  • Durable
  • Cleans very nicely
  • Comes with storage for razor
  • Affordable price

I actually used this a couple of times before reviewing it. One time just doesn’t cut it for me. When I first used this product I used EOS shaving cream which I love. Its natural and includes shea butter, aloe and oat which is great for sensitive skin.

The second time I used it I decided to bend the rules a little. NO SHAVING CREAM AT ALL. I figured if this product claims that if you just add water and shave you will be all set! After adding water and using it for the 2nd time I noticed that it did not leave redness which I usually have because of really sharp blades. It seems that the revolubetion technology creates the ultimate protection against irritation and redness, so that means it really does work. As King Of Shaves promised you can just add water and start shaving.

Note: I wouldn’t advise to shave without a shaving cream, just wanted to try it out.

The Point:

This product has been a life saver. Im an electric shaver type of guy, especially if I want to shave very quickly and go. King Of Shaves offers a good quality product with advanced technology which makes shaving quicker and efficient than most. It does state that it can be used for styling and trimming too, but with my experience this razor shaves very close so I couldn’t actually trim it without cutting it all off. Overall, I would recommend Hyperglide 1000%! Ive used it several times and have been pleased with the results. At a reasonable price of $16.66 you have nothing to lose. Treat yourself to a good experience.


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