Incorporating: Wood


Wood has always been associated with class and elegance in my book. From accessories to furniture, wood can add a natural look to your style or home. Ive compiled a few of my favorite wood/wood grain products. Explore wood if you haven’t. Or research some DIY projects for creating something new.

Benefits of Wood:
-You are saving the earth, in a way.
-Wood is recyclable, biodegradable and durable, often lasting for cen-turies.
-When no longer needed, it can be returned to the earth and renewed for future generations.
-Wood production consumes less energy and produces less carbon output than any other building material in use today, including steel, concrete and glass.
-Whatever you do with wood it will always remain green

1.Grainstack Wallet

2.Driftwood Docking Station 

3.Custom Made Shelving (Inspired by Mad Men)

4.Renovo Bike

5.Archipelago Botanicals Set

6.WeWood Watch – Beige

7.Wood Tie Clip

8.Woodzee Sunglasses

9.Wood Tray Valet

10.SlimTimber Wallet 

11.WeWood Watch

Source: AWINET