How To Wear A Printed Suit


If you want to know if my closet threw up on me the answer is YES, YES it did. But a beautiful creation came out of this, a perfect mix of prints and a well tailored look actually. Im not doing anything innovative here today, I just noticed I had 2 separates in my closet that needed a bit more love. Today I put them together and called it a printed suit. Suit: Topman Shirt: Louis Vuitton Watch: Topman Socks: Soxy Shoes: Beckett Simonon 3 simple ways to pull off the trending printed suit look:

  • Go hard or go home

If you’re going to do the printed look keep it bold, if the pants have a very small print and the jacket has big bold prints it just looks un-porpotioned. Not in a high fashion type of way, in a weird way.

  • Tailor it

We all know a suit can’t be 100% perfect but 2 bold prints and a ill fitting suit together is just breaking all the rules. If you are going to take the risk make sure its sleek fit.

  • A white shirt

A white shirt will break it all up. End of story

  • Too intimidating?

I understand that this can be too much. Try a printed blazer and pair it with black jeans or dark denim at first.

Would you try it out? What colors would you stick with? I think I will be trying it this Spring/Summer. Sound off down below!

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