It’s The Little Things – Nomad iPhone Charger

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Nomad is a tech company that ‘gets’ your on-the-go life. They recently introduced two products that I  can call lifesavers! And both so small it can fit on your key ring or in your wallet.

FOMO is real! I have had several occasions where I have ditched friends, left a party or skipped plans to head to home to charge my poor under 20 percent battery.


Yes, I am the person that goes over every scenario in my head about why it may have died before I expected..

-Didn’t turn brightness down quick enough

-Too much ‘grammin

-5 different group text messages

-Listening to music the whole day

-Not switching to sleep mode

The list goes on, but the excuses stop here. This is perfect for those last minute charges when you are… the red. As you can see the card case flexes and pops out of the case. The key charger just goes around your key ring like any other key accessory (also flexible). I have a Morphie which I swear by and if I have room ill grab it, but if its a night out or very long day in the city I will always have the quick charge I need with Nomad.

  • Quick charge
  • 30 bucks
  • Super slim
  • it won’t break easily

I can’t even think of someone that wouldn’t need this accessory. Unless you have a Droid 😮

You can purchase it here and thank me later. What mobile accessories do you use?


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