Pocket Squares + Printed Pants #OOTD





If you keep up with my posts you know that I am a repeat offender of color and prints. Sometimes Im even ball-sy enough to wear both at once. Today I pulled out only 3 colors and 2 prints.

I think this may be one of my favorite looks because I have incorporated 4 details that tailor to my personal style.

  • Formal
  • Comfort
  • Color
  • Prints/Pattern
  • Casual

Oh snap! Thats was 5..whatever.

Anyone can create a formal-casual balance, just like shirt/tie and denim, for example. Roll up your cuffs or sleeves as you see in the photos to create a casual laid back look. But I also slipped a pocket square into this s/s shirt which jazzes it up a little bit.

My favorite part about this look has to be the slippers! When I started purchasing slippers I was nervous to buy any color except for black because I thought I would ruin them, and often times you can not repair them. I took a chance with these royal blue and yellow slippers. No buyers remorse here. Have a short..productive week!


Get The Look:

Aqua Shirt: Uniqlo / Pocket Square: Jacques-Elliot c/o / Pants: Club Monaco / Shoes: Topman

Get The Look:

Aqua Shirt: Uniqlo / Pocket Square: Jacques-Elliot c/o / Pants: Club Monaco / Shoes: Topman

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Photos by Cristina Pimentel of The Fuchsia Files