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Wool, cotton, waffle knit cotton, and suede. Im trying to stay as warm as possible, and it it possible! This look combines red, browns and blue, and a yellow sock. Im not a big fan of red, but my parents are HUGE red fans. I made sure to stay away from the color as I saw it way too much during my childhood. About a year ago I found myself starting to like the color again, first burgundies and now brighter reds. Also this sweater was only $18!! Anyway, back to layering.

Effective layering is still a science, of some sort. Although layering sounds like throwing on a bunch of clothes to keep warm..well it is. But it still has to fit and also make some kind of sense. I buy some shirts smaller than usual because I know I will be layering them. The key is to start small and the fit should become looser as you layer.

Heres an example: 

Thermal/Waffle shirt: Smallest fit

Collar shirt: Smallest fit

Sweater: One size up

Blazer: One size up

How do I know this works? Imagine the sizes the other way around.

Get The Look or Similar:

Shirt: Uniqlo USA / Sweater: Forever 21 / Blazer: HM / Pants: Uniqlo USA / Socks: Uniqlo USA / Dub Monks: Coach

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