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BELTOLOGY for Style Society Guy Blog

BELTOLOGY for Style Society Guy Blog

Tahaanga Shirts for Style Society Guy Blog

TSUBO Footwear for Style Society Guy Blog

TSUBO Footwear for Style Society Guy Blog

Today were focusing on classic pieces that look traditional but performs ten times better!

Clean white shirt, bowtie, heavy cardigan etc. Although my look is classic each has been updated by technology we have today. It may look the the same but performance is different, and fully functional.


BUT..not just any shirt. For example, this crisp white shirt is by Tahaanga (pronounced: tuh-hung-ga). The brand promises to deliver a shirt that is: moisture wicking, odor resistant, wrinkle resistant and quick dry. Tahaanga is bridging the gap between athletic wear and stylish menswear #AMEN.

We all need these essentials at some point in the day. Here in New York you could be walking to the train and freezing, then running for the train and sweating under all those layers. The moisture wicking and odor resistant technology in this shirt has got you covered. I tested it 4 times already and can say that it absolutely does the job at moisture wicking. 2 out of the 4 times I wore out at night.


I mostly wear weaved leather belts, and recently discovered Beltology which is a life saver. The brand makes adjustable belts to fit any size. Super convenient and as they state on their site it requires no holes! Ive been wearing them with more of a loose style pant but they hold up these wool pants pretty well too. Check out my Instagram post too, I chose Beltology as this weeks favorites.


I discovered this Japanese brand about 4 years ago while interning at GQ. At the time my supervisor had given away all the stuff he didn’t want and I saw these awesome black brogues from TSUBO. I love how they created this tasseled leather shoe. Half sneaker/half dress shoe. The shoe makes the look for this one.

A thrifted cardigan and wool pants to complete this look (that I have been wearing in every post, sorry they’re comfortable).

Keep a look out for my ‘Get The Look’ post soon where I show you a few ways to recreate this look at all price ranges. I will share where you can find this look or similar and the actual breakdown of each detail. Until then, be inspired!

Get The Look:

Cardigan: Vintage / Shirt: Tahaanga c/o / Bowtie: Brooks Brothers (similiar) / Pants: Stafford (similiar) / Socks: Nordstrom (similiar) / Shoes: TSUBO c/o

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