Looking FWD: To 2015

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As I prepare for the New Year, think about NYE plans and also think about how much money I spent this Christmas I wanted to update you guys all within the same breath. That did not happen unfortunately but I want to take the time now to thank you all for stopping by this year. Its been a great one. I learned so many things from you all and more about me (what life and friendships are all about right?) I think everyone gets moody during the last days of December because we think about how much we didn’t accomplish, or what goals we didn’t even start. I was even thinking to myself “wow, I didn’t even do this and that”. Lets just put it behind us and start thinking about everything WE WILL DO in 2015. We all know its easier to say and more difficult to do. So take tonight and tomorrow to implement the first steps to completing your goals and start by making a list and then sub-lists. More on that next year and more on this look tomorrow! Im breaking everything down and giving you the inside on customizing your jacket like this one here from Own Only and ‘Get The Look’ info. For a head start click on the buttons on this photo below for where to buy. Photos by MoonCulture Films of MoonCultureFilms.com