How To Create A Cozy Space For Winter – Dark


TBH (to be honest) all you need here is the Apple TV. You’d never have to get up again right?

Well I hope you all got some inspiration from the cozy plaid series here. Time to move on to dark color.

Its no doubt that rich dark colors create a warmer atmosphere. When the season changed from Summer to Fall I had a difficult time changing my color scheme to something darker. As you guys know Ive never been a fan of all black when it came to personal style (see here) but I found that dark colors in my room was appropriate for the season.

Black creates a warm mood (or darker colors)
If you are an black type of person buy black linen so you could use it in the Summer too.

Extra tips:

  • Use a can of black spray paint for your walls or objects (tables, decor..anything you want to make black). ITS UNDER 10 BUCKS! It beats buying actual paint and the paint job #boom (caption that you can spray paint anything with the spray paint)
  • Although I use this as body spray it doubles as a room spray too. You just need about 3 sprays. Everyone loves a 2 in 1!

What do you think about dark decor? Share your comments below. And visit the bottom of this page for black and white inspo.