How To Create A Cozy Space For Winter – Plaid


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Theres nothing we can do about the freezing weather we are having, its Winter so its expected. Around this time of the year we all like to stay inside as much as possible, read a good book, watch netflix, eat..sleep under this fur again etc. Might as well make the best out of our hibernation spot for the next couple of months right?

I know the holidays crept up on all of us and we’ve all spent a little more than we should. This is a budget friendly guide to making your sleep space cozy and hibernation proof during this weather.

Flannel has an automatic cozy feel to it. Everyone knows what flannel is and has probably had a shirt or two at one point. Flannel in your space not only adds warmth but dimension, since it is thick and often times heavy. This will definitely do the job of keeping you warm. 

How do you keep warm in your space during Winter? Excluding the noisy radiator in your room. Share your comments below take a look at these flannel options!