This Or That Thursday – Mens Chelsea Boot

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When it comes to decisions how indecisive are you? You’ve finally narrowed down a wide selection of product whether it be a watch, a pair or sneakers, even your entree at a restaurant.

Ive started a post every Thursday where I pick some of my favorite items and narrow it down to This Or That. Posts will be focused on quality, color, deals, budget and design. Ill be sharing what I like about both this or that and you tell me what your thoughts.

Lets start off with this Chelsea boot. I have a pair from Jack Erwin (apart of an older collection) that have a criss cross strap (seen here) &  I love them! The two today are both leather but suede boots are just as popular now, check these out if you like suede here.

So what do you say, This Or That? Comment below and share your thoughts. Feel free to share this post if you enjoy it! Next week, were talking tweed jackets!