Black & White Winter Look: Under $100

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Leather lunch bag bomber

Black Bomber Jacket Mens

You caught me! Wearing all black during Fashion Week (#NYFW). If you know me or have been reading along you have probably never saw me in a (mostly) all black look. For the longest I just couldn’t wrap my head around wearing all black. I have much respect for the people that do because it seems like a whole lifestyle and effort believe it or not.

How many times can you make an all black look look different? A lot of my friends wear black as well (of course I live in NYC) so ill have to ask them and get back to you but some just find it convenient. Even though it seems that all black bandits spend a ton of money on their wardrobe its not necessarily true. All items in this look I found for under $100. The jacket and turtle is from an online shop I spotted a couple of months ago Bohoo Man. I just heard about them this year but if you shop at Topman and Uniqlo and Zara you’ll love this one! I was hoping they had a shop here but it seems like we will just have to wait like we did for Topman.

The Details

Bomber: Under $100

The bomber is a little longer than the average giving it more of a trendier edge, and the more you’re covered the better, especially this Winter.

Turtle Neck: Under $100

Cmon! You know I couldn’t just wear solid black and leave it there. This turtle neck is the perfect twist to my usual turtle necks which are all solids. As you can you see the top half is white and bottom part black. Next ill try this turtle neck with a camel coat or something lighter so you guys can see the contrast more.

Ring (similar):

I got this one on the street, a guy in Williamsburg makes them out of spoons. Cool, right? Heres one very similar at Topman.

Camera Bag: Under $25

When did a lunch bag turn into a luxury camera bag? The day I purchased it. Keep in mind that everything is functional. This is my sleek alternative to a huge camera bag was perfect for me, sure you can grab it too..and it was under $20 -> here

Pants: Under $100

I usually roll these navy pants up when I want to show off my  socks, so thats 99% of the time.


May the bolts be with you! Cheers to having fun with footwear. Check out other cool designs at

Boots (similar): Under $100

Ive been looking for a pair of affordable chukka boots lately, seems that the price went up every where. Check these out, only 80 bucks.

The Point

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nyfw street style shot socks chukka boots nyfwBomber Jacket Turtle Neck

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