“Let’s Do Nothing” – feat. About Clothing

Just in time for V-Day I have something special for you guys. Ive teamed up with style blogger Lynn Do of Neckbreakin’ Style to share todays post + video. Our full looks are c/o ABOUT loungewear, check it out, perfect Valentines day gift.  After waking up with exciting plans to enjoy our getaway/vacation we decided to ‘do nothing’. Sometimes hanging in all day reading & sipping coffee in your favorite lounge wear is all you need. Lounging around is not so bad after all, we all need that break away from social media and our phones every once in a while. There is a disconnect when it comes to human interaction in the twentieth centruy. Full length conversations are communicated through text, email, Facebook. Opinions and statements have all been reduced to 140 characters; because thats what were used to seeing. We wanted to show a simple yet fun day when everything was unplanned. As you see in the clip theres nothing more valuable than enjoying quality time with loved ones.

How do spend your unplanned days?

 Clothing: ABOUT is an innovative underwear brand from the Baltics created following the contemporary lifestyle tendencies and a well-motivated approach to product and design. This selection of products is dedicated to all 25+ customers who seek harmony between their personal wellness and the best underwear fitting experience. ABOUT is positioned as a “progressive specialist” brand in the mid-price segment and is oriented towards the European markets. HealthyFit Programme ABOUT /HealthyFit/ programme – a twist of Baltics to suit any season while extra skin-caring properties are added to the garments. Production: Thank you Moon Culture Films & Lynn Do! 2015-02-01_23-55-41