My Pick Monday: 10+ Of My Favorite Items!

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Woops! Im a little late with this post but being as though its only the second month of the year I figured i’m not thatttt late. I tell you all often that a good product and brand always makes me happy (when it comes to spending my money on it especially). I have seen the word kickstarter at least one thousand times in the year 2014. As a blogger and spectator I don’t feel bad for saying this but…hype and financial backing isn’t the meaning of a successful company and product.

Some of these products have nothing to do with each other, hell, theres even a foam roller in there. Some of these are everyday products but I recommend them all. Heres a blurb about each one of them and why they work for me. Lets get into it!

Fragrance: Commodity Goods

I was introduced to this fragrance over the summer. The brand sends you several scents so you can try them all. Keep the one you want and order it in a bigger size. I use this masculine wool scent as body spray and linen spray. Keeps you smellin fresh all day. It was so hard to choose a ‘favorite’ I will probably end up ordering them all.


This device is essential! I have this one. Many women use this but I have to say this is a godsend for men. Its cleans your face up to 10x more than your wash cloth and hands. The BEST part is, its great for pre-shave routines, it moistens your facial hair for an easier shave. Its a much more simpler process when I go to shave and I don’t have to use a TON of shave cream.


I have never used anything that left my face feeling squeaky clean to be honest, maybe alcohol (bad decision). I definitely recommend this Skin Brightening Exfoliator. I have mild acne and its difficult to keep switching products, you can never really tell what works. I only use it twice a week with the clarisonic. You can read reviews here, but im telling you, its magic!


This is a lifesaver. If you commute a lot, or always on the go you need a mophie. For me, I attend events often, attend meetings on the fly and just end up staying out later than I planned. I chose the portable one like this vs the phone case. if they make a new iPhone this mophie will always be compatible.

Oil Free Moisturizer: Baxter Of CA

I don’t claim to be a skincare specialist so I cant tell you that this product is a miracle worker. But its consistent habits of not making my skin overly dry is perfect. It does what it says it does. Even in the Summer days it doesn’t make my skin as oily as other products I’ve used in the past.


Im going to give you some Damn Good Advice. Read this book twice, with a highlighter and notepad ready. If you are creative or want to tap into a creative mindset, purchase this book. So many tips I use in everyday life just from reading and actually applying. We forget to apply the tips we learn in books sometimes.

Shirt Tail Garters:

I featured this product in my Christmas gift guide and it will probably be in more of them. Shirt tail garters hold you down, literally. It also takes care of that bunched up look that REALLY annoys me. I can get away without having to tailor EVERY SINGLE SHIRT with this product. This is a great gift for any holiday. No matter what your style is, you will ALWAYS need this.

Coconut Oil:

Im sure you’ve all heard by now that Coconut Oil does it all. Actually there are 101 reasons why you should be using coconut oil. My uses are scattered across the board but Im sure you will find a reason to have it your kitchen too. Also I came across this video on my friend Abena’s Youtube channel which she explains one of her uses.


Best start to everyday is with a natural juice with my Nutribullet. I received this as a gift from my parents and have been using it every since. Get lost on Pinterest with tons of recipes (not just for weight loss). One of my main uses for juicing is natural energy.

 Wrinkle Releaser:

Yes, it is that serious. You need this wrinkle releaser and the travel sized ones. I know that some of our styles include the wrinkled look but when its not wanted like in that new hugo boss shirt the wrinkle releaser solves this problem. I usually use this when im in a superrr rush (which is often). A couple of sprays and tugs and you’re all set. Smooth out the wrinkles with your hands after you have sprayed. It works better if you run an iron over it but it works really good without either. Perfect travel gift!

Foam Roller:

Well this one is pretty random but this foam roller reduces tension everywhere. Neck, back, legs, arms. I use it before I go to the gym and after. Heres is how you actually use a foam roller, the maximum price is about $20 (this one is $14) and its much needed, especially if you work at a computer for most of your day.

These are my favorite products, there are a lot moreeeee but I really wanted to share these. Hope you enjoy reading and shop this post below! Most items are under $100.

What are your favorite items? Tell me below in the comment section, always down to hear more suggestions! Thank you for reading!

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