Staying Warm With This Blazer + Vest Combo


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I was even surprised knowing that this layering test could stand the weather. I mean, it was 40 degrees that day but still its not so bad If I get to show this custom jacket off. This look comes together simply because of the layering effect and Winter colors ex. brown, navy. Read more below and wear to buy, and keep your eyes peeled for my ‘Get The Look‘ post on this.


I wore this a couple of weeks ago, similar style but no vest. What I most proud about this jacket is that I customized it myself. I experimented with this OWN ONLY jacket. Slanted pockets, peak lapels, tan/orange collar.


I havent worn anything with fleece on the inside since…maybe middle school but this vest from Nautica does the job. This version is actually Big + Tall,  which is why it is a little longer but the warmth from the fleece is impeccable.


You guys are probably getting tired of my white Hugo Boss shirt. I wear it all the time and will always wear it, a white button up is classic. There are to tie pocket square rules when you have on a white shirt. So #DareToWearColor.


My polka dot tie is as premium as it gets, has nothing to do with the weather but I definitely appreciate great quality. The tie is pure silk and feels it. This summer wedding tie made its way back into Winter, thats a comeback!



Just a small cuff in these thin navy pants. I thought about tailoring them more but I think I like the looseness in them.


These are from Urban Outfitters but not available anymore. But you cant go wrong with 3 for $15 socks from Topman.


These dub monks are super sophisticated, and Im convinced that they are rain proof. I have had them for a couple of months now and it unexpectedly rains when I have them on for some reason. They still remain in tip top shape, but its expected from Coach. These are the perfect suede dress shoe.

 Need more inspiration for this look? Im creating a ‘Get The Look’ post this week.

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shop this post, some items are similar: