Get The Look: Spring Layering and How I Achieved The Look


Seems that you all really liked this look. I plan on wearing this combo at least 3 more times until it gets warm enough. The first day of spring is this Friday and I almost sure there wont be a bit of Spring in sight. As a mentioned in the last post, mother nature has been making it up as she goes along.

The bright part of this is:

  • Winter will be ending soon and daylight savings time makes it better
  • Earth hour is coming up! If you have seen my collaboration with Timex for Earth Hour you should check it out here and PLEDGE (its free).

Now go get your layer on until….this season is over.


Heres how I achieved this layered look. 

 wide brim hat (similar here)

light grey turtle neck (here) + chunky cardigan (similar here) + camel over coat (similar here)

camo pants: Darring USA (similar here)

chelsea boots: Ecco (here)

black tote bag (similar here)

navy lapel pin: Sprezza Box (similar here $10!)

leather phone case (here)

What piece do you like the most? Comment and share.

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