6 Elements Of A Cool Rustic Room

White room with wood tableRustic Interior:

Wood, metal, copper, bronze..All elements that make up a rustic interior. As you imagined, the industrial look alludes the man cave that we all wish to achieve one day. If not the whole house at least one room. What I love about rustic interiors is the  simplicity  of it. The point or message is to ‘make due with what you have’. Whether you think you’re missing the space, money or time there are enough resources here to point you in the right direction. Lets check out the first element.


Hure Crank Table From Vintage Industrial

This table may remind you of an antique you may see at an auction or consignment shop. The table is far from a commercial  table that you would see anywhere else. Anddd you can adjust the tables height. Now all I need is space to put this in my room.




Pendant lighting looks great in almost any setting or room. This is perfect for our rustic theme, a clear glass shade with bronze accents. You can also adjust the height of this.



The iron baskets make for great paper and linen storage, you can also throw a good book in there. Simple furnishings like this adds character to the space, and will also keep the cabinet clutter-free



This would complete a rustic kitchen. Perhaps a white brick or bleached wood wall would make these stools stand out even more. Also, who knew you could find a good one at Target.



Its only right that a wood scented candle would be in this rustic round up. This scent is inviting and has that nature smell! Bonus point because its soy based (meaning it will burn longer).



This is the ultimate feel of a rustic room. Wooden or tiled walls work with this rustic theme as the style mostly involves wood and metal. I would probably stick with the lighter wood for Spring/Summer and if I feel like it..go dark wood for the Winter. However both colors are great.

Anything else you would like to add? Please comment!


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