Clarisonic: A Pre-Shave Miracle For Men

clarisonic for men grooming shave

What the?!

So..this really changes the game. Im still wondering why I have never heard about this ‘thing’ until about a year ago. You may have seen me gram it a couple of times and I featured it on this post (Favorite Items). It’s also on my list for top skin care products, at least the ones I know about. Let me just say this before actually going into the post. All opinions are my own and Clarisonic has no idea who I am. These are my own thoughts and all the bragging is because I really love the product.

I heard about the device by accident..yep! If it wasn’t for me eaves dropping on two sales employees at Bloomingdales I probably wouldn’t know about the product. Or wouldn’t think to use it. One guy admitted that he had used his girlfriends Clarisonic after she had convinced him and shown him the after effects of using it. I kind of wondered did he change the brush head or not before using it. Yea, I don’t even want to know. But I went over to ask them more about it out of curiosity and they went right into telling me how its one of the best products for shaving. 


Clarisonic is a cleansing device for your face. It does triple the work of what your hand cloth does and quadruple the amount of what your hand does. Clarisonic claims that the brush uses a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to get your face a squeaky clean. I clearly cant vouch for that but it sounds about right. Just after a week of using it I saw a huge change in the appearance of my skin it was way smoother and it was really easy to shave. When I say really easy I mean I started with the first stroke and my stubble came right off. That usually never happens with me. If you aren’t certain that this product I told you about is a waste just google it, there are tons of reviews and info. Even down to cleaning the thing!


6 reasons why I thought brush was worth it:

  • Gently cleans face compared to a wash cloth.
  • Cleans deeper than using your hands.
  • Its quick and easy to do in the shower.
  • And the reason I finally decided to purchase. It makes shaving 50x more effective, facial hair will be moisten and soft enough for your shaver at that point.
  • Easy to change out the brush heads every couple of months, easy to clean
  • Your moisturizer or regimen can actually do its job

Had to share this because I know Im not the only who loves shaving but hates that its a pain sometimes! If you could use a better shave experience Id say buy it.

‘Mia 2’ you can purchase it (here). Let me know how it works out!


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