3 Reasons Why I Added The Braun 9 To My Grooming Collection

Lambo Yellow - Braun - GroomingLambo Yellow - Braun - Grooming

These days I mostly use an electric shaver and I rarely have the time to wet shave (hard knock life, right?). Its sad because I enjoy it but it just takes up too much time. Ive been using the the Braun 9 for a couple of months and think I learned just about everything that it does. Its probably the most comfortable shaver that has touched my face. I joined Braun on this mission to discover why this is the world’s most comfortable shaver for our skin. Its the only shaver in the world with dual middle trimmers and it gets the job done in fewer strokes. Ill make this quick and spare you the technical details because I personally hate long, drawn out reviews. Here are 3 Reasons Why I Added The Braun 9 To My Grooming Collection.

Cleans itself:

      • Less work for you right? With the touch of button the Braun 9 cleans, charges, and lubricates. So its like using a brand new shaver everyday.
        • Intelligent program selection for optimal fluid consumption. extra fast drying with built-in fan.
        • World’s only 5-action alcohol-based clean & charge station.

Perfect for the 5 o clock shadow look:

      • To be honest to be honest I thought that it would cut way closer than it did. This is the reason why I would say that its perfect for a 5 o clock shadow. The rotating head makes it easy for you to control the shave as opposed to other shavers that you have to really press down very hard on the skin to get results, which usually ends in scarring. Im experimenting more with my little stubble(mostly on the days that I get lazy, haha) and sometimes like the look of it depending on my mood.

The most comfortable shave: 

      • So theres a dual middle trimmer which is spot on for any of us with sensitive skin. Say goodbye to your trimmers tearing your skin apart.

 Case Study: 

The price on the shaver is a little steep at $350. In my middle to to late 20’s I think it about time for me to invest in quality product anyway. To have total control over your shave experience, and to keep your skin tearing apart (which most shavers do) Id say that it worth it. This is no doubt an investment piece and you should think about that when purchasing any product. Is it an investment? How will this make my life more efficient. I love the product and use it on the days when I really want to perfect that 5 o clock shadow. Feel free to leave suggestions or ask any grooming questions and Ill be sure to answer them. Learn more about Braun 9 here. Take a look a my mission with the Braun team, talk about a luxe experience. I was picked up in a Lambo (whatttttt?!)

Thanks so much for this incredible experience Braun!

Lambo Yellow - Braun - GroomingLambo Yellow - Braun - GroomingLambo Yellow - Braun - GroomingLambo Yellow - Braun - GroomingLambo Yellow - Braun - GroomingLambo Yellow - Braun - Grooming Lambo Yellow - Braun - Grooming


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