3 Ways To Make Your Space Look California Cool


Surf’s Up!

After college many of my friends did two things, stayed in New York or moved to California. Many have moved to other places as well. I always wanted to try living in Cali, im not sure how the car situation would work out though. How could anyone pass up the relaxed vibes of the west coast in exchange for a gritty city like New York? Well thats a different story but I love the lifestyle and aurora of homes found on the west coast.

Below you will find 3 sections:

Good Vibrations – woodsy items.

Relax Max- comfy stuff.

Ride The Wave- awesome wall art.

Bring the best of the outdoors inside with these products and great inspiration photos!





Good Vibrations – Wood!





Relax Max – The Comfy Stuff

Beach House - California Cool


Ride The Wave – Beach Art

Beach House - California Cool




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