The Short On The Short Suit

Printed Short Suit - MensPrinted Short Suit - Mens

The Short on The Short Suit:

I remember picking this suit up from Topman off season. My first thought was that it was perfect and I had to have it. The print is crazy! Its a printed short suit with ethnic designs in 2012, not many people were into it, I gladly ordered it. Fast forward to me wearing this suit a couple of weeks ago. I got such an overwhelming response and tons of compliments on it. Before I sat down at my desk to actually write the article I took a look (Google Search) to see what the internet had to say. You can read more of that down here.

The Short Suit Gets Trashed:

Before writing this post I did a little research myself on the short suit and mostly what consumers and other publications had to say about it. I recall reading a GQ article sometime last year, the reader asked the editors of GQ was it appropriate to wear a short suit and how did they feel about it. To make a long story short they simply TRASHED it. They said it destroys the traditional suit look.  The Concourse dedicated a whole post “Do Not Wear A Suit With Shorts” and ended the article with this quote “just kinda makes you look like a fucking dipshit”. I thought that one was pretty funny too. The Telegraph asks “Have short suits finally become acceptable?”

Heres my opinion, If you want to try something new, just do it! I would NEVER wait for the media to accept my personal style or a trend. Personal style is an experiment and it changes over time. If you cant find a short suit a pair of shorts and sports coat will do! Check out some tips down below for How To Wear It!

Thoughts on the look? Would you wear a short suit?


Printed Short Suit - Mens


What I Wore:

Printed Suit: Topman SOLD OUT // White Tee Shirt: (here) // Bracelet: Kang Alex (here)  // Sunglasses more options (here) // White Canvas Sneakers (here)

Printed Short Suit - MensPrinted Short Suit - Mens

More shorts (here)

Printed Short Suit - Mens

Printed Short Suit - MensPrinted Short Suit - MensPrinted Short Suit - MensMore blazers (here)


Printed Short Suit - MensHow To Wear: 

A printed short suit is kind of special. Its ballsy to outright wear a short suit and a printed one at that. My best advice for wearing this kind of look? Just own it! Your confidence shows up before you do and if you don’t look comfortable wearing it or you think you look odd, chances are that will show on the outside.

-Wearing a non traditional belt. Braided belt (here) or maybe a fabric belt (here)

-Swap out the dress shoes for white or navy canvas sneakers.

-Wear a Tee! The point of the look is for it to be less formal than a full on suit. Wear a tee shirt and tuck it in a little like I did on the example above.

Printed Short Suit - Mens

Printed Short Suit - Mens

Thoughts on the look? Would you wear a short suit?


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