Imagine Peace: New Yorkers Form The Worlds Largest Peace Sign


Imagine all the people living life in peace John Lennon

A dream you dream alone is only a dream A dream you dream together is reality Yoko Ono

Being Apart Of The Worlds Largest Peace Sign:

On October 6 I followed thousands of New Yorkers were apart of  history. I joined Mont Blanc, Yoko Ono, and the John Lennon Bus Tour to create the worlds largest human peace sign. It was an early call time at Central Park (10am) but with all the energy from the crowd you couldn’t help but feel the joy and togetherness of everyone in one space. World peace is something we all wish for but its little moments like this that still gives us hope that it is possible. It put a smile on all of our faces to see the younger kids bopping around to Strawberry Fields Forever as if they knew what they were dancing to. Friends and families came in large groups laughing and telling stories about the peace moments and music they grew up with.  Some even hung out  after and ate lunch on the grass, it was almost like a reunion for some of the guests. I attended on my own but met quite a few friends while forming the peace sign and after the event while capturing photos.

I captured a a great photo below of a family that held each other while singing classic hits from The Beatles. This was probably my favorite photo and captured  the essence of everything. Learn more about the John Lennon Bus Tour in this quick video here.


I always say “small steps, better world”. I encourage everyone reading this to think about how 1 small step can help out, even if its just smiling at someone or complimenting a friend or stranger. In future posts I will be sharing more about how my small steps helped the world become a better place. Enjoy the good vibes!




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A special thanks to Mont Blanc for partnering on this post!