The Home Alone Gift Guide Is Here & An Intro To The Holiday Season

How do I say this..Im a huge holiday person, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Im usually a cheerful positive person but around this time I really like to sit back and watch holiday movies, see the Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center, and spend time with family and friends. On the business side of things, I like to really study Q1-Q4 and evaluate my year. Did I complete every goal I set for myself? What were my strengths and weaknesses? What held me back from completing those goals?

Anyway, my second holiday post is centered around one of my favorite movies Home Alone! Which is your favorite Home Alone 1,2..3 or 4?  Macaulay Culkin was my childhood hero and I feel that if at any minute a burglar tried to break into my house they would be in for a rude awakening. And yes, I planned all the traps that he planned in the movie. This movie will never get old to me and I have an official gift guide here to prove it.  I welcome you into the holiday spirit with my first gift guide inspired by Home Alone.

Thanks for stopping by as often as you do and reading. The fun doesn’t stop here. Here’s a sneak peek of what kinds of posts you will see between the months of November & December on SSG. 

-Gift Guides

-Giveaways (galore!!)

-Holiday home inspo

-Holiday/Shopping tips

-Intro to my first series of 2016 “10 Things I Personally Did To Become More Interesting”

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1. Home Alone Collectors Ultimate Collector’s Edition

2. Filthy Animal Sweater

3. Filthy Animal Christmas Card

4. A Lovely Cheese Pizza, Just For Me

5. Fuller Art Print

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