10 Menswear Brands That Kill It Every Season

Top Menswear Brands 2015 With social media, demanding consumers, and fast fashion these designers have no choice but to be on point EVERY SEASON. Ive watched these brands and can honestly say there is much appreciation for a well crafted collection. From traditional well tailored suits that not every brand can pull off or the comfy athleisure style that Public School has to offer these brands keeps their head above water and are the talk of the style world. With hefty price tags of $490 for joggers pants Im not sure if these will be in my closet this season, but there’re solid. Tag your personal favorites down below in the comments, links welcome too!



Thom Browne (discover more)

What’s the hype? This guy is responsible for making the grey suit look one of the top trends in menswear. Browne plays with hems & buttons and is known for his ultra short grey suit.

Who’s behind it? Thom Browne.

What you should know: Named Men’s Wear Designer of the Year in 2006 by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and Designer of the Year in 2008 by GQ magazine. When buying make sure to try on as his suits are cut very slim.




John Elliott + Co (discover more)

What’s the hype? This cool kid is endorsed by all. As the cozy trend continues to rise John Elliott still turns those basic pieces into wearable looks. I particular love how simple the collection is. You can wear the same hoodie over and over in a couple of ways.

Who’s behind it? John Elliott.

What you should know: Cozy lifestyle, tailoring, high quality fastenings, slouchy, downtown style. LA based, often has great sales, releases small collections, collaborates often.



Public School (discover more)

What’s the hype? This brand is the epitome of New York cool. High street mixed sportswear and mostly all black pieces. Won the 2013 CFDA Swarovski Award for Menswear, the 2014 CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year Award and, most recently, the designers took home the International Woolmark Prize.

Who’s behind it?  Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne.

What you should know: Sportswear meets tailoring, high-grade fabrics, focus on quality construction. Founded in 2008, made in New York, at factories in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.


Raf Simons (discover more)

What’s the hype? His cutting edge shoe designs. Described as wearable art. I always assume most people know how influential Raf Simons is..but the truth is there is always something new to learn about this designer. 

Who’s behind it? Raf Simons

What you should know: Since ’95, highly acclaimed designer, don’t miss the sneakers. He was also the number 1 most googled designer this year. Most say that Simons is responsible for ‘wearable couture’.


Billy Reid (discover more)

What’s the hype? Known for its classic styles in high quality fabrics, but with unusual accents – “low-fi Southern-bred luxury”.

Who’s behind it? Billy Reid

What you should know: 2001, CFDA “Best New Menswear Designer award, 2008, New York Magazine “Best Men’s Store, Feb. 2010, GQ “Best new menswear designer in America, 2012 CFDA “Menswear Designer of the Year”


Michael Bastian (discover more)

What’s the hype? I remember learning about Michael Bastian back in 2011 while interning at GQ. I thought to myself this could be the next American Menswear designer for our generation. My favorite collaboration has to be Michael Bastian and Uniqlo. I make sure I pick up a few pieces every season. Its affordable, stylish, and the fit it great.

Who’s behind it? Michael Bastian

What you should know: CFDA Fashion Awards: Menswear Designer of the Year 2011


Dent De Man (discover more)

What’s the hype? The full on printed suits is the brands DNA. The brand is inspired by african prints and suiting, it not just a trend for them, its a lifestyle. I recently saw the new collection at Liberty in Vegas. Check out post where I sport a printed short suit.

What you should know: Contemporary menswear with a modernly unique twist using traditional Indonesian printing techniques.


Mark McNairy (discover more)

What’s the hype? Mark McNairy and his work have been featured in American and international publications. Through his work in Japan, McNairy has developed a large and loyal following.

Who’s behind it? Mark McNairy

What you should know: Im a personal favorite of McNairy’s sneakers, each are pretty bold and a statement shoe. Thats what a shoe should be in my opinion.


Pyer Moss (discover more)

What’s the hype? Aside from being a designer who has a real story behind his collections I now see the 28 yr old as a real fashion leader. The 2016 collection debut during #NYFW and had a powerful message behind it. The designer spoke out about the effects of racism in our country. Not only through interviews but through his collection.

Who’s behind it? Kerby Jean-Raymond

What you should know: I don’t ever see the brand slowing down or or getting stale. There is something refreshing about a brand that has a voice and doesn’t work like a robot. Kerby does a great job of waking up the audience/consumer.


Tim Coppens (discover more)

What’s the hype? Ive been watching this designer for the past 2 seasons and Ive been impressed with everything. Coppens isn’t afraid to play with silhouettes and fits at all. Im more about fitted clothing but Coppens designs will strike your curiosity with architectural details. File this brand under: Athletic Luxury. 

Who’s behind it? Tim Coppens

What you should know: Led design groups for Ralph Lauren and Adidas. Barneys New York immediately ordered his first collection and international retailers. Coppens was a finalist for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, a top 10 finalist for the LVMH Prize and the 2014 winner of the CFDA Swarovski Award for Menswear.

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  • Marquelle Turner-G

    This is a great list. In particular, two things stood out. I hadn’t heard of a few of these designers and it excites me to be able to explore and lore more about them. Secondly, every excited to see this list inclusive of many American designers. Kudos!

  • DJ

    John Elliott always kills it..my favorite designer of this generation for sure. That downtown LA style makes me feel like I’m living the lifestyle over here on the east coast.

    DJ | http://www.collegestyleguy.com

    • I agree! I especially love this white hoodie with front zip. Hope you had a good holiday and thanks for reading.