Get The Tuxedo Look Without Wearing A Full Tuxedo: 3 Swap Outs



How many ways to wear a Tuxedo? Not too many, actually. The Tux is one of the most formal suits a guy could wear. Theres very little you could do to it without making it look tacky. But you can swap the traditional tuxedo pants, tuxedo shirt and tuxedo shoes for things you already have in your closet. Today I wanted to point out something about this look, it is WEARABLE. Not only did I save money but this was an easier approach to wearing a full Tux on New Years Eve. I want some breathable and a bit stretchy when moving around, dancing etc. I wore 2 jackets for this post to show you how to wear it 1. Bonobos 2. Bar III.

I will also include other options at the bottom for your reference. Feel free to pair the Tux jacket with black denim, regular white shirt, and black chelsea boots. These items are most likely in your closet already but if not, I’ve got you covered later in the post!

What are you wearing on New Years Eve and what are your plans? Head to the bottom to see other Tuxedo options and how I paired it. 

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Bonobos Black Tux Jacket  (here) |Bar III Blue Tux Jacket: (here

White Shirt (alternative to Tux shirt): J. Crew (here)

Black Denim Jeans: (here)

Black and Gold Watch: Shore Projects (here

Black Chelsea Boots: (here)


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The Capstone tux jacket from Bonobos is definitely a show stopper, no alterations needed for me. The shawl lapels outline the jacket perfectly. Ill probably end up wearing this a couple of times before Winter is over with.  


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The navy velvet sports coat on the right is one of the more affordable jackets Ive seen this season and one of the best IMO. This holds up in fit and design for me. I didn’t have to get this tailored but I will probably get a couple of alterations just to make it perfect. 


You probably noticed that I skipped out on the tie as well, just what preferred for this look. 


Formal Jacket Options:




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