Time To Re-Up & Refresh w/ Baxter Of California Toner

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Refresh & Re-up:

Baxter Of California sells impeccable grooming products. Ive tried everything from the Oil Free Moisturizer to the woodsy candles they offer. Over the Summer I found myself using one product in particular, the Herbal Mint Toner. This has become one of favorite products, especially in the Summer.  The toner does a great job of removing excess oil and dirt without drying out the skin. It also balances your skin’s pH, and protects against environmental damage without drying your face out (according to the brand).

Do you actually need a toner? Yes you actually do. The dirt that builds up all day can easily be removed at night by using the toner. On a humid Summer day I started using the product and it cooled my skin down and got rid of most oil (I have oily skin). That cool feeling is just what I need on a daily to get the day started or finish off the day. Coffee for your face? Maybe, anything that makes me feel this energized and keeps my face clean im into it. I used my hands to apply the toner first but eventually purchased cotton pads so it wont get too messy. 



Ive rounded up other grooming products that make me feel energized and refreshed, so take notes! 

Herbal Mint Toner: (here)

Aqua Di Gio: (here)

Peppermints: (here)

Dove Mens Deodorant Spray: (here)


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Bonus for you: Try your own and use the code STYLESOCIETYGUY for a free full size Herbal Mint Toner with any purchase over $50. Offer valid on future purchases only through December 31, 2015 and while supplies last. Cannot be combined with any other promotion, coupon or program discounts.  


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A special thanks to Baxter Of California for partnering on this post.