“I made an effort to invite more than I RSVP’d”


Intro to ’10 Things I Personally Did To Become More Interesting’  

New Year, same me! Just a little upgrading. These tips are straight from a very funny, chipper and fellow Brooklyn-er, Pippa Lord and I made sure to take notes. You should check out her site, she has some slamming food recipes that I might have been staring at for a couple of  minutes and…drooling. I discovered her at a workshop hosted by Yoplait Plenti where she spoke on becoming more interesting. You might say to yourself well I think I’m pretty interesting already. Im sure you are an interesting person but there are always some things you could polish up on. 

The series will be 10 weeks long and my subscribers will be the first to know (hint hint) so sign up here to be the first to receive it. I took the step to finally implement these tips in my everyday tasks. Some I could adjust rather quickly and some..not so so much. Im still working on these but I wanted to actually try all 10 tips out and share my experience before I just pushed information out there. So here it is!


“I made an effort to invite more than I RSVP’d”

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Become the leader among your circle. Make time to discover fun things to do with others and build better friendships as a result. Tip: You can use event apps like Meet Up, Eventbrite, and Stubhub to see what’s happening. But don’t be afraid to host an “imperfect” meet-up at home. It could just be a coffee!

My Notes On This: This week I personally put a dent on this goal and started connecting with my colleagues on a more personal level. Even if I thought that they thought I was being nosey they eventually loosened up and shared more about themselves with me. I invited some people that I wanted to get to know a little more out to a book club night that I regularly attend, boxing classes, cycling class. By inviting them to more personal events in my life they felt more comfortable and I got to know them a lot better. 

Of course, no matter what industry you’re in you want to make sure you are connected with the right people. Maybe the higher ups more so than the associates and thats not a bad goal. However the point of networking and developing your own goals is to connect and build your circle and that could be with anyone you think is an interesting person. Every connect doesn’t need to be the CEO. The assistant may have more time and patience to develop a friendship and even help you out in the long run. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with someone just because they don’t hold the power of someone you’d wish to connect with. 

How To Get Started:

Id have a notebook handy if I were you or just shoot this to your email. Really wake up and think about this one tip all week and how you can execute it. Tune in next week as I share the 2nd tip. 

The Challenge:

Some of these took more than a week for me to perfect and I’m still working on most of them. I challenge you to do the same, jump in and start implementing these tips. I guarantee your mood will be much happier and you will feel accomplished andddd be more of an interesting person. Im no life coach (at all) but Im always about sharing information with people that I benefited from. Really excited to hear about your progress because I told everyone about mine. 

Big thanks to Pippa Lord & Yoplait Plenti for this guide!

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