Good news: agnès b. collaboration and giveaway for you!

Good news:

I have some huge news that I couldn’t wait to share with you guys. Actually two things. One is that Ive partnered with agnès b. for Paris Fashion Week this year. The experience itself and seeing the classic Parisian brand in action is pretty exciting.  Ill be flying out next week and documenting as much as I can so don’t worry, you’ll see everything through my eyes via my social networks. I cant wait to explore this city and preview the new collection. I’ll also update you on my favorite pieces that come down the runway after the show. Be sure to follow both @agnesb_officiel + @stylesocietyguy for updates. 

Even better news for you:

I want you guys to experience the brand yourselves and get the French experience with two agnès b. pieces! The first is this black snap cardigan which really symbolizes the brand. The snap cardigan is a iconic piece for the brand. As you know I’m a big fan of wool this winter so were going to top the giveaway off with this coat. What I love is that the classic Parisian brand stays true to its culture with relaxed fits and tasteful color selections. On to the giveaway, good luck and see you in Paris!

Be sure to follow all directions to be entered into this giveaway successfully. 

agnes b. style society guy giveaway

Giveaway with agnès b. x Style Society Guy



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  • Randy Saunders

    Réservés sophistication

  • marcos lopez

    père élégant

  • Le freak, cest chic 😉

    Totally entering this because James needs a wardrobe update… he just doesn’t know it yet.

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  • 1chynna

    décontractée, en vogue, classe,

  • Rust

    Décontractée et détendue est mon style.

  • jp

    mon style est décontracté, plutôt classique, avec une touche de sportswear, et parfois un élément de fun grâce aux friperies !

    • Do love the that you find inspiration while thrifting. One of my favorites too, truly a unique shopping experience! Bon chance!

  • Je dirais que mon style est minime , traditionnelle et simpliste
    avec des touches de mouvements de vêtements pour hommes contemporains de temps
    à autre . Ceci est une excellente opportunité pour vous , Jamal .
    Félicitations et merci pour ce faire. Je vous souhaite la Fashion Week de
    Paris. Rendez-vous pour NYFW : Hommes .

    Igee Okafor | @igeeokafor
    Style Enthusiast/Blogger

    • Impressive Igeee! Thanks for the wishes and im crossing my fingers for you. Bon chance!

  • Ahmed Taha

    Mon style est chic classique

  • chanxmanx

    à vêtir chaudement

  • David Cardenez

    Mon style de mode est un mélange de urbaine , vintage et chic.

  • Mr. RunwayChef

    Je considère mon style et de la mode est intemporelle et classique

    • Good stuff David! Crossing my fingers for you. Bon chance! (good luck)