The Navy and Neutral Gentleman’s Den

photo project c/o Angel Kostov & Denitsa Marinova

Breaking Interiors Down:

I think we’ve all come across some good home inspiration on the web, especially now. Sophisticated Pinterest profiles with lavish homes room and draped out architecture. Its not doubt that these visuals are #HomeGoals and I think that as a whole men are starting to care more about the space that they live in, what it smells like, structure, minimalism. Whether you own a house, live in a loft or renting out a room in a cramped New York City apartment your style should still be reflect how your space looks. As you know I’m in  NYC where there isn’t much room to put ANY extra piece of furniture. That still doesn’t stop me form rearranging and perfectly curating my space

I decided to go ahead research some of these luxe homes and rooms. Its time to break these interiors apart by theme and style so you can get a better idea of how you might want to change your space whether your adding or taking away. Most importantly I have researched the interiors thoroughly to find similar interior inspiration at budget friendly prices. While researching ive seen some of the prices and lets just say I hope to be able to afford it one day, but right not I cant afford a $14,000 chair.

Inspiration: The Navy and Neutral Gentleman’s Den

This space could be bare and id be 100% content with that. Looks like a rainy day isn’t bad when your bed is facing a wall to wall window with draped curtains and the perfect light. The view that teases us isn’t so bad either, right? This room is cohesive and peaceful and cozy to with the low bed and cozy throws. If you’re a guy or girl that likes to keep it simple and let the space speak for itself this color combo and aesthetic is the best way to go. Explore these products by clicking through above.

What’s your take on this room and inspiration? Too minimal? Is it your style? Head to the comments below to chime in.

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    Just did a post today on how powerful of a color navy can be (but with clothes of course). These are house goals though

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