“I showed up to things and didn’t flake!”


Intro to ’10 Things I Personally Did To Become More Interesting’  

Your’e back! Good. I hope that the 1st post and intro helped out. If you haven’t checked it out heres your chance to read both here. As a reminder this series will be 10 weeks long and my subscribers will be the first to know (hint hint) so sign up here to be the first to receive it. I took the step to finally implement these tips in my everyday tasks. Some I could adjust rather quickly and some..not so so much. Im still working on these but I wanted to actually try all 10 tips out and share my experience before I just pushed information out there. So here it is! The 2nd tip. 


“I showed up to things and didn’t flake!”

Stay strong in your commitments. If you do what you say and follow through each time, you become a very powerful force. Even if it means going to tat boring event on a rainy night.

My Notes On This: Im pretty good at this. For me, I love face to face conversation. I spend more than 10 hours a day on my laptop so when its time to go out and network I’m down. Also I work in the digital field so I’m meeting someone new everyday that Ive been chatting with over email. I go to about 4-5 events per week depending on the season. I’m not there to just be present, I’m there to engage with colleagues and further build relationships. This environment also allows you to meet new people, TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE, find out who they are. If you are given the opportunity to meet new people and connect you should take that opportunity.

The Challenge and How To Get Started:

I am really on point with my organizational skills. I have several things that I depend on to remind me of meetings, events, dinners etc.

  • Google Calendar
  • Reminders app
  • 4 month calendar hanging on my wall
  • Countdown Lite app

I make sure to start the week off checking what I need to attend and what I want attend. You should do the same. The point of checking at the beginning of the week is to make sure you’ve had time to prep. Maybe you want to ask someone a certain question or get more insight on a position you saw on LinkedIn.

Ever been somewhere even if its a bar and said to yourself I should’ve check this bar out before I came. Maybe its not your scene or people you want to be around. Maybe you would have known what to expect. At a certain age we get better about the company we keep even if it means saying NO to them.

Say No. Which brings me to this point. You find yourself a little overwhelmed because you have 2 birthdays this week, your family is coming into town and an old college friend wants to catch up and you have a date in the middle of the week. Guess what? You have the choice to say no. Especially if you have committed to other things. The last thing you want to do is stress yourself out over spilled milk. Most people are not happy with no but they learn to deal with it. Whats worse is saying YES to everything that you don’t have time for at the moment. 

Big thanks to Pippa Lord & Yoplait Plenti for this guide!

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