“I got offline — and scheduled it!”


Intro to ’10 Things I Personally Did To Become More Interesting’  

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“I got offline — and scheduled it!”

Newsflash: interesting things don’t only happen on the Internet! Carve out at least a few hours over the weekend to turn off your cell and replace it with and activity that helps you disconnect. Literally! 

My Notes On This: This was a difficult one for me.

1. I’m a millennial and..

2. Its my job to be online most of the day.

For that reason I set aside time in my schedule as ‘off time’. Meaning I could do whatever I want but I cant look at my phone or computer or anything with web access. For me I chose Mondays and Wednesdays because both are hectic days for my job I figured this is the best time to just ignore it all for two hours and focus on myself, my friends and family. I take the time to organize my room, my calendar on my wall or just take a walk. you wont believe how much Im able to tackle after just sparing 2 hours to organizing life and getting personal errands done without my devices. Heres my suggestion for this…

The Challenge and How To Get Started:

  • Make a full schedule of what do you on a daily basis and include work, shower, gym.. EVERYTHING.
  • Pencil in where you could detach from technology for at least 2 hours.
  • Spend that time doing whatever you want to do. Like I said I usually take a walk, organize my room/my life. Studies state that writing in a gratitude journal will help you cope better with emotions, but you don’t have to get all emo. Just do what makes you happy without technology. 

Check out the first 2 posts for this series here and here.

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  • Johannabananna

    I definitely have to try scheduling going offline, otherwise it never works.. Thanks for the tipp!! 😉

    • Johanna,

      I promise you..its life changing! Thanks for reading