Try This: Double Breasted Blazer + Polka Dot Tie + Suede Monk Straps

No Matter What:

No matter what time of year it is you can always get away with a look like this. The colors are truly Spring/Summer but can also brighten up anyway Winter day. If you’re waiting on Spring to BRIGHTEN UP you’re doing it all wrong. Im wearing this in the middle of Winter and Im still content with the decision to do so. Although the tie and shirt are two different colors it still works out. I wore this look for a birthday brunch but its acceptable for almost any formal occasion.

Ive been rocking the air tie look lately so I switched it up just before leaving out the door. FYI the blazer, and pants are both tailored.

How To Pair It:

I will be creating a separate post on where you can get several similar items some budget friendly and some splurge options. Be on the lookout. You could always go with a traditional navy blazer instead of a double breasted -plaid.

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Tie: Bows N Ties (here)

Yellow Oxford Shirt: Uniqlo (here)

Double Breasted Blazer: Yoox (similar here)

Brown Leather Strap Watch 38MM: Triwa (here)

Grey Wool Trousers: J. Crew (similar here)

Brown Double Strap Monk Shoes: (similar here)






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  • DJ Hargrave

    I’m looking forward to investing in my first DB soon. This one will for sure be in mind. It compliments the yellow tie perfectly!

    DJ | Menswear Enthusiast