The Budget Friendly Guide – Lovely Happenings Attendees

A smart shopper knows that planning is key. Bookmark this special post (exclusive to Lovely Happenings guests) to refer back for budget friendly tips and guides. 

Narrow Your Search WAYY DOWN



When To Buy What? 

I break down when to buy retail at sale prices. Lets be serious, do you really need every item at that moment? Need a new suit? If you can wait until January that suit might be half price! When is the best time to buy? 

1. Suits – January

2. Luxury Items – November

3. Luggage – March 

4. Athletic Gear – May

5. Summer Gear – July-August

6. Swimsuits – August

7. Sunglasses – September

8. Jeans – October

9. Jewelry -February  

10. Sneakers – November 

11. Outerwear – December

Look For Seasonal Store Edits

Good for grabbing everything in one place.


ShopSavvy App – Finds the lowest prices and matches barcode prices



Monthly Subscription Boxes – To Make Your Life Easier

Loot Crate


For geeks & gamers

Fashion Stork


Packages carry 3-6 items based on the retail value of the pieces. Each box retails $125. With each box sent out, $1 is donated to a sponsored adoption

Birchbox Man


Grooming and lifestyle 

Sprezza Box


Focuses on men’s clothing accessories and helping you to look dapper. Every box includes 5-6 products and has a retail value of $100+

Trunk Club


They send you a box of 6-8 items, including shirts, pants, accessories, and shoes. Only pay for what you keep, and work out your budget preferences with your stylist. Prices start at $40 for t-shirts.

Bomb Fell


Every item they send has been handpicked for you by a stylist based on your preferences and sizes. For the guy who wants more of the same, but just a little better.



Health subscription box. $10 plus $8 shipping. Sign up for a 3-month subscription for $9 a month and $8 shipping.

Bespoke Post


High-quality men’s subscription box service. Each month they curate 1-3 new boxes around a theme, and you can select which one you want, or skip that month.

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