Wear A Bandana This Way – Spring 2016


I can always get behind a bandana and tee shirt for a casual day. But pair it with a two tone blazer and chelsea boots and your’e stuck in the middle of dapper and low-key casual. Not a bad combo for me because that describes my overall style. Here are some things you should try when wearing a bandana this Spring:

  • If you want to try the bandana look but also want to dress it up a little go for a blazer. When done right the bandana wont be the focal point but just a accessory that completes it.

  • Light denim is always good with this, it plays into the theme of the look (not too serious).

  • Id advise always wearing it with a tee, collars and bandana can look a little messy together if its not done right.

As for the blazer, I purchased it from H&M a while ago and its sold out now. Never came across anything like it. 






Glasses: (similar here) // Green Bandana: (here) // Black Or Grey Tee: (similar here) // Two Tone Grey and Tan Blazer:  (similar here)  // Light Denim: SuperDry (here) // Brown Suede Chelsea Boot:  (similar here

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