What Women Really Want to See You Wearing – from Style Girlfriend

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Want to know the truth from women? All you have to do is ask. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I actually asked women have a solid opinion in the menswear game. Megan and Brittany from Style Girlfriend has tips and tricks and used some of my best style photos from the blog. I really value their advice and since they are the pros at this, you should too! Enjoy and head over to Style Girlfriend to say “Hi!”



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Megan: Wearing a monochrome look has double the benefits – 1) you’ll look taller in one shade head-to-toe, and 2) you don’t have to worry about if you’re matching or clashing.

Get The Look: Blue Suit, Floral Shirt, Pocket Square


Unique accessories/’Out of comfort zone’ details

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Megan: Women love a confident guy, and it definitely takes confidence to pull off a unique accessory like a kerchief tied around your neck or a bold hat. If you have the guts to go with something that sets you apart, I guarantee women will notice you (in a good way).

Get The Look: Cool Pins, Bandana, Spike Cuff, Multi colored woven belt



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Brittany: Mastery of pattern is as simple as throwing on one impressive patterned piece and molding the rest of your look around the hero item – and trust us, bonus points for pattern on pattern. You’ll definitely reel in a round of compliments in a punchy plaid blazer or classic check pants at the office and in a graphic tee or camo sweater on the weekend.

Get The Look: Camo Crew Knit, Slim Fit Checked Trousers, Blazer, Black bokeh tee 


Punch of color

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Megan: Are you familiar with the term “peacocking?” This is how to do it right. One (or two – definitely feeling those socks) bright spots in an outfit will get women looking your way for all the right reasons.

Get The Look: Mini Lighthouse socks, Red trainer sneakers, Yellow down puffer vest, Stripe pique shirt


Chelsea boots

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Brittany: There’s something so effortlessly chic about a pair of Chelsea boots – suede or leather. You can’t go wrong with dressing up a leather pair in a dapper suit or in a moto-inspired look. Going the suede route? Any casual outfit will look 10x as sharp (read: off-duty rock star) in a pair of Chelsea boots.

Get The Look: Sand chelsea boots


Trend: Moto/Utilitarian

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Brittany: Definitely don’t shy away from trying a trend (well maybe not every trend). When it comes down to it, women love to see you strut your personal style with confidence. Specifically, this moto-utilitarian mix of trends is as eye catching as it is flattering between the casual monochromatic layers and edgy accessories.

Get The Look: Black fedora, Black sprinter jogger pant, Leather moto jacket


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