Biking It – In Brooklyn

No...the L train hasn't broken down yet. But when it does I have the perfect swap out for that. Say hello to my new Summer ride. Ive been wanting this bike from Priority Bicycles ever since I saw it about a year ago. Finally on my birthday I got to have this beauty and ride it for the first time, that day. I first rode it from the shop in Manhattan to Brooklyn, then to LES (Lower East Side). If you ever come to Brooklyn have a ride in Bushwick is a lot of fun. Especially if you can stop and enjoy the artsy walls down by the Morgan and Jefferson stop. I usually ride to the coffee shop in my neighborhood or ride to the Williamsburg bridge during sunset. The view is incredible. If you are planning to purchase a bike or thinking about it...DO IT!

FYI: I own 'The Priority Classic" Diamond Frame. Ive linked it up there ^

I wanted to highlight some things about why this is the best mode of transportation for me right now. Check out my new ride and also read along to find out why I chose Priority Bicycles. Head to their site if you have any specific questions but Im going to cover a lot here. And yes, when the L train shuts down we'll all be screwed..I know. But we still have our bikes.




Great workout

 We all know that riding a bike is a full body workout. Not only used for transportation but depending on the distance you can probably get a way with skipping a gym session or two.


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This was a HUGE factor in my bike decision. Living here in NYC made me rethink about lugging a 40+ lb bike around and bringing it up and down the stairs. Thankfully the classic is only 26 lbs - super lightweight compared to other models.



Low Maintenance Bicycle

Skip all the maintenance with this bike. The team does all the work for you by first providing high quality belt drive that will never rust. 


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Alternative to riding the train 

Exploring Brooklyn can be fun. I find a new place to grab lunch, happy hours and cool farmers markets by cruising Brooklyn. Ive found so many gems that ill share with you guys on an upcoming blog post. 




All Set To Ride

All bicycles come with assembly tools, a kickstand, water bottle cage, and floor pump.

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Bike necessities

I also grabbed a helmet (safety first) and lock. Ive never seen a stylish helmet so Ill deal with that but the U Lock was perfect, and you can just slide down on the side of your bike after you lock it up. 





Made Easy 

 Priority Bicycle makes it easy to ride around in the city and explore, pick up groceries, or ride on the beach boardwalk. Its price point at $429 is pretty affordable with top notch quality and attracts the city commuters - like me! Catch me cruising in BK! Till next time.

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