Thinking About Sprucing Up Your Space? This App Made It Happen For Me.

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Starting over with a blank space can be exciting, challenging, or maybe the biggest headache you’ve had in a while. Thinking about doing it all yourself? Bad idea, let Homee take care of the hard work. If you think your space can use some refreshing read the rest of this post.

Yep, I used an app called Homee to make all of this come together. Homee is an Interior Styling app that not only takes your inspo and create a visual for it but also, plans, delivers and even helps with budgeting. We all know that even sprucing up your place’ can be a second job, especially if you have it all in your head and just need it to come together.  Whats great is that the app comes with a real Interior Designer (Claire is AWESOME) to help you from A-Z! The designer helps you create a mood board based on your likes and initial inspiration. This eliminates all the wasted hours spent on Tumblr and Pinterest researching theme and styles.  Someone from the team does it all. Below is an example of how I got started-I’ll walk you all the way through. Be sure to download the app and test it out, let me know what you think!



First you chat with Homee’s virtual guide. They ask you a series of questions to understand what you are trying to accomplish. Shortly after the designer generates a mood board and theme (below) that shows how products would look in your space. You can also take this time to edit products. For example, I took out one of the art pieces making it 3 instead of 4. 

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DXO_0125 (Priime Around)

DXO_0129 (Priime Around)



Living in New York can be expensive, I know. The Homee team puts your budget as a top priority. If I had done it on my own I’m pretty sure I would be wayyyyy out of budget. 

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DXO_0140 (Priime Around)

DXO_0143 (Priime Around)


Text Savvy

I never had to step out of the office or set up call times for anything. The Homee team is super text savvy and usually always online to answer questions. 

DXO_0144 (Priime Around)

DXO_0151 (Priime Around)



Alright, here’s where you come in. Make sure to measure your space properly. Having accurate dimensions helps the designer a lot since they can’t actually see the space. 

DXO_0169 (Priime Around)

DXO_0174 (Priime Around)


Delivery Dates

Everything is all ordered at once! This is awesome because if you really need to take a day off from work to wait for packages, most large items come on the same day. The Homee team also sends over all tracking info, so you know exactly when everything will arrive. 

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Sit Back and Watch It All Happen

Yeah…so it was fun to order everything but when it came time to assemble furniture with over 90 pieces I slowly sank in my seat. The next day my Designer explained that they would be able to find an affordable repair team to assemble everything. Leaving me headache-free, and mostly importantly I didn’t ruin anything. 

DXO_0157 (Priime Around)

DXO_0159 (Priime Around)


My space is odd and small..but not to New York city standards. Its the usual here. Working with a very small space can be challenging, but fun. Thanks to Homee for help creating the coziest room! Be sure to be on the look out for my next post on where you can get the look! 


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